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There’s magic in what you're avoiding

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Do you ever find yourself avoiding, postponing or getting caught up in ‘busy’ work?

We all do it - we bob and weave around tasks that seem too big or projects that feel overwhelming. We wait for the ‘right time’ to have that conversation - knowing that ‘right time’ will likely not present itself. 

We seek shortcuts and workarounds just to get it done. Or we avoid it altogether and hope no one notices. We tell ourselves stories about all the other things we need to get to ‘first’ so we can focus on that other thing.

Whether it’s rolling-up-our-sleeves work or facing a difficult conversation. Why do we avoid? And what’s the cost of avoiding?

Much like tasks or projects that we avoid, there’s a palatable and tangible cost to avoiding or sidestepping relationship vulnerability.  You’ve likely thought about the impact avoiding these things has on your work (you’re not fooling yourself), but have you considered their impact on the trust with those you’re in relationship with? Much like the difficult work we avoid, the magic of trust is cultivated in the willingness to dive into vulnerability and courage, especially when it involves other people. The discussions and moments of vulnerability you’re avoiding don’t have to be roadblocks; they can be stepping stones that lead to deeper connection and understanding.

Why? You ask. Because the magic resides not only in the outcome you want but also in the journey to get there. When we confront discomfort, acknowledge hesitations, and open ourselves to inevitable humanness, we're building trust and nurturing relationships. 

When we trust each other enough to face obstacles together, bonds are forged, experiences are shared, and growth is achieved.

So, the next time you're tempted to sidestep a conversation or put off courageous work, remember - the magic of relationships unfolds when trust is built, through shared vulnerability and genuine connection. Embrace the work and experience deeper, more meaningful relationships.

The magic awaits …. 


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