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Trust on Purpose Podcast

Have you ever thought about being purposeful when building, maintaining, and repairing trust with the people in your life? Most people haven't, and their relationships suffer as a result. So much of what is right and wrong with our relationships tie back to trust, whether we realize it or not. We tend to look at things with a transactional view and don't see, feel, or experience what's underneath. 


In everything I do, I am dedicated to helping you become more intentional about cultivating trust with the people in your life, your team, your leadership group. In the podcast - Trust on Purpose - my co-host and I dive into everything that makes up trust (spoiler alert: there's a LOT), unpack situations we commonly see with the leaders, teams and organizations we work with, and a whole range of other "deep thoughts." My favourite episodes are those inspired by listener stories.


Listen in for conversation between two pros who care deeply about you and your relationships, and who share pragmatic and actionable takeaways that you can use immediately.

Trust on Purpose podcast is hosted by Big Change's Ila Edgar and Insight Coaching's Charles Feltman.

We love listener stories!

Tell us about your workplace challenge and we'll unpack it in a future podcast episode.


You’ll learn how to approach your situation and help countless other listeners navigate their own.


We guarantee complete anonymity.

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