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Co-hosted by Ila Edgar of Big Change Inc and Charles Feltman of Insight Coaching, Trust on Purpose is dedicated to helping you build better relationships by building more trust.


Ila and Charles have deep, personal, and often funny, conversations about real-life stuff we all come across that link back to trust (or lack thereof), and offer sound advice for how to build better relationships by creating more trust.


So much of what is right and wrong with our relationships tie back to trust, whether we realize it or not. We default to looking at things with a transactional view and don't see, feel, or experience what's underneath. 


In the podcast, Ila and Charles dive into everything that makes up trust (spoiler alert: there's a LOT), unpack situations they commonly see with the leaders, teams and organizations they work with, and a whole range of other "deep thoughts." Some of the best episodes are those inspired by listener stories!

A few special episodes include conversations with other thought leaders - like Dr. Amanda Blake and Angela Cusack.

Tell us about your workplace challenge and we'll unpack it in a future podcast episode.


You’ll learn how to approach your situation and help countless other listeners navigate their own.


We guarantee complete anonymity.

We love listener stories!


Recent Episodes

Ila's Guest Podcast Appearances

The HR Hub Podcast Cover

The HR Hub

In this "Building Trust in the Workplace" episode, host, Andrea Adams, and I talk about how important workplace relationships are to an organization achieving success, and what we can all do to build and maintain strong, trust-filled relationships.

TallTrees Leadership

Central Line

Coming Soon

Newfield Network

Coming Soon

Run Your Life

Charles Feltman and I visit with host, Andy Vasily, to discuss finding purpose and creating meaning in our personal and professional life. 

Run Your Life Podcast cover
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