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Pro Bono Goodies

Dare to Lead™

If you've taken a Dare to Lead program with me, you have access to a bunch of resources. Some are from the program, and others are additional pieces of brilliance that I think will enhance the 'stickiness' of the Dare to Lead teachings.

You'll need a confidential password to access the Toolkit. Check your email from me - I would have sent it to you following the end of the program, or reach out to us and we'll send it off to you again. 

By accessing the Toolkit, you agree not to share the confidential password or content.

Recommended Reading and Listening

I often come across brilliant books and podcasts. This is where I share what I'm currently loving and learning. 

The Collective Good

It's important to me that everyone has access to learning. The Collective Good is where I offer resources I think you'll love and offer them for a small fee. In fact, you choose what you pay!

The best part is that all money received for resources in The Collective Good goes towards funding teams and organizations that don't have the means to buy my programs, but really want to get help.

Think of it as a tasting table where everyone eats.

You'll be helping us help others build team and leadership capability. It's a win - win - win!

The Big Change Blog

Every once in a while, I'm struck by something I see or experience, and feel the pull to write about it. My 'Musings' blog is free food for thought and can be a great resource for sparking conversation in your team.

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