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What we're listening to

Looking for a little inspiration?

You've come to the right place

We come across things every day that give us a little boost of inspiration. We also love creating tools & resources that you can use on your own and with your teams. See below for The Collective Good Resources, the Big Change Blog, and Recommended Reading & Listening.

The Collective Good

Generosity and learning are key components of what Big Change Inc. is all about. This means that learning, growth, and access to continued development won't not hindered by lack of funds.


This space is about sharing, learning together, and the collective good.

The Big Change Blog

Sometimes something strikes us and we just have to write about it. The Big Change Blogs are short, full of insights, and thought provoking. They make a great team conversation starter! 

What we're listening and reading to

We do a LOT of reading and listening to podcasts, and have curated a list our favourites.

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