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Welcome to the Collective Good

This collection of resources is curated from a love of learning in community.

We never want learning, growth, and access to continued development won't not hindered by lack of funds.

If there is a topic or resource you would like to see here, or something you are curious about, I would love to hear from you.

Pay What You Can

The resources on this page are available for a fee that is up to you! Please choose what you can afford. We donate all money raised through the Collective Good to Paws4Change Rescue Foundation

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Free Stuff - ie. assessment with follow up report

Bringing Your Values to Life


Using a carefully curated list of Values, we walk you through a 4-week long process of thoughtfully identifying what matters most to you.


Then we share suggestions of actionable things you can do to start Bringing Your Values to Life.



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With every purchase of a card deck, you'll receive a promotion code to use to purchase the Bringing Your Values to Life 4-week Guided Program at no cost.

Have a deck of cards and not sure how to use them?

Need Support?

If your team could benefit from my support but you don't have the budget, let's talk.

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