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Big change takes work & consistent tiny tweaks

We'll get there together.

We think nothing of going to the gym to build strength, to the golf course to practice our swing, or on a long run to build stamina and endurance. We need the same focus on building our skills and competence in leadership. It takes time and practice.

The great news is that Big Change is possible. We are what we practice, and habits are created through repetition, so everything we offer emphasizes practice aimed at changing behaviours. That way, you won't have to think so much when the time comes to act. You'll be ready.

We want to know about your most critical breakdowns and then we'll co-design a truly effective plan.

Nothing will change if we don’t practice


It's all about

No matter where we go or who we work with, when there is friction in a relationship, it nearly always points back to missing trust. We have seen amazing transformations in teams and whole organizations when they've collectively learned behaviours that build, maintain, and repair trust in the relationships that matter to them.

The work we do in discovering what trust means to people - how they innately feel about it, how they build it, practice it, and regain it when it's been broken - has is the deepest and most powerful work we've ever done. Talking about trust in a team can be downright earth shaking.

We need to know what's really going on if we have any hope of making things better.

Let's start a trust revolution!


Trust Programs

Trust Programs


Who you are is how you lead

Leadership is about being 100% human and it starts with self - that's you.


You're already practicing leadership in various areas of your life. Now it's time to get real about understanding yourself and the impact your behaviours have on others.

This self-study program will take you through multiple activities to become aware of WHO you are, so that you can start to intentionally build what kind of LEADER you want to be.


4-week Online Program

Weekly emails containing self-study resources, like videos & worksheets

Choose from two programs:

  • Building Self-Trust (a great place to start!

  • Building Trust with Others

Let's Talk


Only a team who trusts each other can be truly effective.

Building, maintaining, and repairing trust isn't easy, but it's entirely possible, and will quite literally change the way you work and what you can achieve as a team.

This program is built for teams and organizations wanting to impact true change, together.


Teams engaging in this program will learn new language, behaviours, and skills that build and continually reinforce stronger trust.

The addition of observational and team coaching can only be described as life changing.

Having the care, understanding, and expertise of an observer - whether as an individual on-the-job, or as a team learning to trust together, coaching that supports what you will learn about strengthening trust will make the biggest difference for you and your team.


4-month Program with intact teams or groups within an organization

Virtual or in-person

Learning Platform for accountability and progress tracking

Includes team or group coaching

Let's Talk




This specialized Trust Mastery Program is tailored for intact teams aiming to strengthen their collaborative bonds and enhance trust within their existing framework.


Over the course of a year, we combine virtual meetings, targeted assignments, and accountability partnerships to deepen understanding, apply behavioural science, and instill lasting trust-building habits.

This program ensures that intact teams navigate a tailored journey, focusing on their unique dynamics, to foster trust and collaboration within their established structures.


An exclusive opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to embark on a transformative journey of trust-building.


This open enrollment program spans a year, blending virtual meetings, personalized assignments, and accountability partnerships.


Participants will delve into the nuances of trust, apply behavioural science principles, and cultivate sustainable habits for fostering trust in various team settings.

This program offers a dynamic and inclusive experience for individuals from various backgrounds.

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